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Our Team

For recovery to be successful, you need to have confidence and trust in your team. That’s the easy part at The Estate; our addiction specialists are highly-trained and experienced in treating drug and alcohol addiction as well as the trauma and mental health issues that may lie beneath.
Addiction Treatment Providers Mississippi - Billy Vevle Estate at River Bend

Billy Vevle


Chief Executive Officer, The Estate at River Bend

Our Staff

Turner Griffin - Addiction Treatment Counselor at The Estate in MS

Turner Griffin, LMSW

Lead Therapist

Admissions at The Estate at River Bend Director Idice Darden

Idice Darden, CADC, CPSS

Director of Admissions

Vicki Lowery - The Estate at River Bend in Mississippi Drug Rehab

Vicky Lowery

Director of Human Resources

Mary Boyd - The Estate at River Bend MS Rehab Center

Mary Boyd

Business Office

Dr. Donald Faucett

Medical Director

Jane Oesterling, RN

Director of Nursing

Elise Sisson, NP

Onsite Medical Provider

Tisha Couch

Evening Supervisor

Finding Community at The Estate

Recovery is a journey we take together. Community gives us a place to show up authentically, to be accepted for exactly who we are, and to encourage others on their own unique recovery journeys. Community is our all-encompassing value, because it is where we find hope, and it’s where everything changes.