Priority Access and Outreach

The Estate at River Bend will provide priority access to screening/consultation and treatment, as appropriate, to those who are:

  • Pregnant individuals with intravenous (IV) substance use disorders;
  • Pregnant individuals with substance use disorders;
  • All other individuals with IV substance use disorders;
  • Women with substance use disorders and dependent children;
  • Individuals who are HIV positive
  • All other individuals with substance use disorders.

If for any reason the prospective patient is deemed as inappropriate for admission then the prospective patient will be referred to the most appropriate agency without delay. When the referred program has insufficient capacity to provide treatment services for a pregnant woman who seeks services from the facility (and an adequate, timely referral cannot be facilitated), the program refers the woman to the Substance Abuse Services Division of the Alabama Department of Mental Health, Special Women’s Coordinator, for assistance with referral/placement.